Learn: Drop the"L" and Earn (Digital)

Learn: Drop the"L" and Earn (Digital)

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It's no secret, if you want to Earn you need to Learn...
The world is becoming increasingly autonomous and in order to survive you need to set yourself up with the right tools to succeed. Unfortunately this day and age, the internet of all things can provide you with 5 different solutions for the same problem. So how do you know which one will work for you? Readers will learn about how entrepreneurs think, their common traits and how to build a proper path to earning by removing the "L's" or losses. Then they'll be provided with a few businesses and a "how to" guide on each one that they can start with little to no money in order to see if what they've learned can actually help them earn. Ultimately this book intends to teach it's readers this:

· Develop a Entrepreneur mindset & habits
· Commit to lifelong learning
· Take calculated risks when opportunity presents itself

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