Investing during COVID-19

Daily Dose of Knowledge:

With our troubling times a lot of people have been asking the same questions. So I’ll my thoughts. Always seek professional advise, I am not a registered investment advisor.

**What stock should I Invest In!?**

In my personal opinion it’s best to invest in stocks when you have enough capital. Because really the best stocks to invest in are the one’s you can afford. Because as a stock rises it is multiplied by the number of shares you have.

**For instance:**

1 share of ABC is $5.00

If you buy one ☝🏾 you spend 💴 $5

If it goes up by $1 you now have $1 profit if you sell it at $6.

If you buy 10 shares of ABC you spend $50.

If it goes up by $1 and you sell all 10 shares you made $10.

So investing in stocks that are well worth it and that will likely go up substantially is rare if you’re doing small amounts of investing. I recommend you do some paper trading on WeBull ( so you can see how it is much more beneficial it could be.

Or you can do fractional investing on cashapp ( so you have access to the more valuable stock without having to purchase the entire stock.

**How much is a good amount to invest!?**

Well it depends what you’re investing in. If you want to build up capital Like I did and turn roughly around $1000 into over $37k, I recommend learning options.

You can do so by joining my close friends community full of useful tax, credit, and investing knowledge.


Hope this helps!

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