Blessing Loom Scam resurfaces during CoronaVirus

I’ve been seeing a bunch of people doing things I don’t personally condone. Not because I’m a hater. I promise... I’m no judge and believe that everyone is entitled to their own means of survival.... but I know enough. Having worked in the financial industry for several years I’ve seen all the money schemes you can think of.

Namely: Check Fraud Ponzi Schemes Pyramid Schemes BitCoin Scams Forex Scams Cash App Scams Nigerian Prince Scams Kidnapping Scams Lottery spin circles At Home Casinos Credit Card Fraud Bingo Scams & many more!

Here’s the biggest reason why you should not participate in any of these “get rich quick schemes”.

Quite frankly they are illegal.

Now yes I understand that you can make money doing some of these things. But you could also make money selling crack cocaine on the block. Does the risk justify the reward? That’s for you to decide....

Please before you go jumping into things think to yourself. Does it feel right? Your God-Given Discernment will likely guide you in the RIGHT direction.

The legitimate versions of these types of “scams” are heavily regulated for a reason...

Nonetheless... to each their own. I’m just putting this information out there to better educate you.

Continue to Learn drop the L and Earn!

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