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馃搷Rhode Island

w/ the rest of Pretty Ricky lol it鈥檚 funny. I wanna take a moment to appreciate everyone I鈥檝e shared laughter with... I remember when we were at URI and Ant told me one of the upperclassmen called us that and wrote it on my dorm door. I had a fit lol what a prank 馃ぃ finding out that it was you...Man... what can I say... during these times of social distancing I guess it鈥檚 important to stay away from people. But Remembering all the good times I鈥檝e had with these guys right here and others who I鈥檝e had the privilege of knowing. Has been a complete honor. None of us are promised a long or healthy life and I鈥檓 just glad to have experienced most of mine with people I enjoy being around. God Bless you all!

PS happy date of birth to Me, Marv and Jay

Follow @mr_then for my journey 馃崟

Follow @mr_then for my journey 馃崟

Follow @mr_then for my journey 馃崟

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Check out 馃С馃摉馃挵

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