5 misconceptions you need to let go of when it comes to fitness by Looking Glass Fitness (Emily)

5 misconceptions you need to let go of when it comes to fitness 🤷‍♀️ with social media and the internet in general it is hard to dig through the BS and see what the facts are and what the fake facts are. Because everyone is an "expert". So, to chip the tip of the ice berg here are 5 fitness misconceptions. 🌟1. You'll be "picture perfect" all day everyday once you reach your fitness goals. People believe this due to the fact social media is a highlight reel, people only post good pictures of themselves with their abs out and not at the end of the day when they have a food baby🤷‍♀️ it makes me laugh really. 🌟2. if you follow that girl with a big booty and buy her plans you'll look just like her. Like I said before, everyone on IG is an "expert" when in reality half the people have no education in whatever they're preaching. Yeah, you can buy her plan but you won't look like her, because you're a different person. There is no "ideal" look and you won't look like every other fit person because your body is simply perfect and unique. Stop falling for the "do this to look like me" bit. 🌟3. It's easy to be "fit". People believe that because most influencers on social media don't share the hardships that come with being fit and how they got there. It's hard, and not everyone will get there as quick as others, and you won't ever look like your favorite influencer because you have different genetics. If it was easy to be a top tier athlete, everyone would be one. Everyone wants to be fit but not put in the work🤷‍♀️ that's why "quick fixes" exist like all those fat burning pills and tea. Which is a great segway ⬇️ 🌟4. If I drink this detox tea I'm gonna get fit and have abs🤦‍♀️ there are NO easy fixes, and no easy ways to be fit and healthy. The quick fixes that are marketed will always do more harm than good, there is no way to reach your goals besides sucking it up and putting in the work🤷‍♀️ 🌟5. Your progress will always go up and be consistent🙅‍♀️no, progress is never linear. It's going to jump around, and go up and down it will never be a straight line. Stop thinking it's gonna be an easy path with no obstacles.

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By Emily Peterman of www.lookingglassfitness.com

follow her social media www.instagram.com/lookingglassfitness

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